Sectors We Service

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Research / Analytics / KPO

Any company involved as service provider in the Analytics industry works in close coordination and association with the client, providing services that are predefined in terms of quality. While working with a KPO firm, the outsourcing company can expect to get the following:

  • Quality work, taken up by professionals with diverse skill sets
  • Timely delivery of services, while taking advantage of time zone difference
  • Flexibility of changes in both quantity and quality of manpower
  • Draw financial advantage, by rationalizing costs and overheads

Financial & Health Care Consulting

As has been the case over couple of decades, Healthcare continues to lead the pack as the most attractive consulting vertical. We believe that within the Healthcare segment, Life Sciences will also continue to garner momentum and will become one of the more coveted domains for larger consultancies from an M&A perspective. In addition to Healthcare, we see the Energy vertical regaining its footing now that the market is acclimating to the new pricing reality.


Telecom sector is the epicenter for growth, innovation and disruption for virtually any industry. Mobile devices and related broadband connectivity continues to be progressively embedded in the fabric of society today. They are the key in driving momentum around recent trends such as video streaming, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile payments.

As the number of embedded devices that require mobile connectivity grows, telecommunications companies will be looking for opportunities to increase revenue.

Technology (IT/ITES) & Hardware Networking

IT has made great leaps in recent years to make sense of huge volumes of data being generated in every industry. The current IT trends is going to be about taking the next step, a very exciting step.

Companies looked out across the sea of sensors, mobile devices, social media, video and other sources, and they called it “big data.” They began to glean business insights from the data, identifying important new patterns and connections. Manufacturers discovered significant ways to improve operational efficiencies in both manufacturing and product service. Commercial enterprises developed a more complete understanding of their customers’ true needs and habits to develop better products to improve revenue and profitability.

Retail, FMCG & Consumer Durable

The retail sector will note E-Retailers hiring juniors in large numbers for content writing and editing, web designing, programming, lead management and technical profiles, the Middle level roles will eye an increase in hiring for logistics, finance and marketing professionals. Skills in demand will be store management, merchandising, channel sales and operations.

FMCG sector is expected to clock a rise in demand for roles in digital marketing, R&D, technology support, sales and logistics. Mid and Senior level hiring is also expected to increase in quality assurance, marketing and advertising, business management and IT roles.

Media & Entertainment

Until recently, there was a clear recipe for success in media and entertainment: multiple revenue streams, scarce distribution outlets and distinct exploitation windows. To thrive in today’s (and tomorrow’s) environment, however, companies need to drive both innovation and efficiency, embracing new approaches to content development, distribution, operations, technology, and monetization. In short, they need to adapt their strategies, capabilities, and operating models to address several key imperatives.

Banking & Insurance

The BFSI sector will see a growth in demand for financial analysis, wealth management profiles driven by the insurance industry. The Mid and Senior level functions such as treasury management and technical valuation will register a rise in jobs in Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. There will be an increase in demands for digital marketing, direct marketing and channel selling.

Real Estate & Infrastructure

Real Estate and Construction sector is set to become the prime employment generator in India, registering the maximum rise in human resource requirement from 2013-2022, according to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

Manufacturing & Engineering

The sector will witness a rise in demand for civil, mechanical and electrical engineers at different levels. Senior level will see a demand for production management, quality management and procurement profiles, while the Middle level demands will be for R&D and maintenance profiles. Skills in managing automated processes will also register a huge demand.


The Middle and Senior levels will see a demand for business management, sales, technology and alternative medicine professionals. Skills in demand are expected to be for analytical chemistry, radiology, physiotherapy and medical imaging. The sector will increasingly peg salary hikes with business performance.

Travel & Aviation

This is a $1.3 trillion industry, but it’s often overlooked by social networking, e-commerce, software and even gaming and dating apps when investors look for potential unicorns or when magazine editors search for Inc or Fast Company do CEO profiles. The funny thing is, travel is one of the industries most likely to produce a winner, particularly on the consumer side. Priceline, Expedia, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Yelp, HomeAway, Airbnb and to some extent companies like Google, Uber, Lyft and Pinterest can credit much of their success to the tireless global love for travel.